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This is where I share the results my startup clients and I are getting in real-time. Together we'll explore the latest insights in startup marketing, personal branding, investing in women, and the future of work. We'll uplift the voices of female entrepreneurs breaking barriers in the industry and uncover the keys to building a successful brand in today's market. You can also expect free mini-courses, tutorials, and a peek behind the scenes of my life as a startup builder and investor.

Women in Innovation: A spotlight on successful female entrepreneurs in the startup world


2023-04-13Putri Karunia

Why Personal Branding is Essential for Every Startup CEO's Success

The Importance of Personal Branding in the Startup World: Building Your Thought Leadership

2023-04-20Putri Karunia

The benefits of a diverse team in startup culture


2023-03-02Putri Karunia