meet the marketing maven

Chelsie Amber

A marketer on a mission to improve the world, one startup at a time. As a seasoned startup builder, growth marketer, and business strategist, I help growth-stage startups design products that are truly innovative and impactful.

The Pitch Deck Queen:

As a designer and visual storyteller at heart, I specialize in bringing founders' ideas to life. My superpower lies in crafting compelling pitch decks that have helped multiple startups raise their pre-seed and seed-stage funding. My clients have nicknamed me "the pitch deck queen" for my ability to bring their visions to life and capture investors' attention.

The Back Story:

As a young, fearless female (and force to be reckoned with), I dedicated 15 years of my career as a Marketing Director and CMO for various high-growth startups in the male-dominated FinTech, SportsTech, and BioTech industries. Despite being the only woman in the room, I helped these companies achieve their goals and played an instrumental role in multiple IPOs, acquisitions, and mergers.

The Leap of Faith:

Although I had a highly successful career, I felt unfulfilled and sensed that God had a greater plan for me. I wanted to use my experience and expertise to make a meaningful impact by building inclusive, purpose-driven companies. Motivated by my passion for helping founders succeed, I took a leap of faith and co-founded a startup marketing agency in Dallas with my partner K.J.

The Power Couple:

K.J. and I are proud new parents, co-hosts of the Founders Club Podcast, and active members of the Dallas Entrepreneur Ecosystem. We believe in work-life integration and are on a mission to build the next generation of companies that create a healthier, more inclusive world for our children and future generations.

The Startup Studio:

Our passion and success have led us to expand into a Startup Studio, Agency & Fund. Where we are committed to fostering wealth creation among a diverse range of founders, empowering them to redefine the future of innovation.

The Vision:

We're driven by the belief that entrepreneurship is a powerful force for positive change. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that empowers diverse voices to bring their ideas to life and build the next generation of companies that make a real impact on society. Our vision is to be the catalyst that helps bridge the gap between diverse founders and the resources they need to succeed.